Patient Video Testimonials Sell Your Aesthetic Business For You


Without the proper online marketing, new patients won’t be able to find your practice and you’ll make it easier for your competitors to keep their clinics full and their staff busy.

So how do you go about wooing a patient you’ve never met, who has never met you or your staff and who has never stepped foot into your office? How do you ensure they come to you and not your competitor down the road?

It’s not as hard as you think and one such effective way which aesthetic clinics are using is patient video testimonials.

Video marketing is a powerful tool and an excellent way to show clients old and new your clinic and staff and your warm bedside manner. We know that 80 percent of your online visitors will watch a video while only a mere 20 percent will read through your content so having video on your website has never been more important.

Video testimonials from your patients are easily the most effective way to earn trust, connect on an emotional level, and showcase your credibility. And one of the best ways to encapsulate this is with a review from an actual, current patient.

In fact, 90 percent of customers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews – and the A* grade of reviews are done by video.

When competition for invasive and non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers, fat freezing and breast augmentation has never been so tough acquiring and creating testimonial videos from your patients is actually a lot easier than you may think and effective for beating your competitors to the business.

Here are 5 tips on creating patient videos:

Keep it simple.

  1. Because we call it “video” it doesn’t mean you need to hire a grand production- complete with lighting, cool angles and fancy editing. In fact, it can actually be harmful to the credibility of your testimonials because a slick highly edited video will make your patients appear as paid actors, which decreases the sincerity of their testimonial.
  2. Keep the video short, simple and sweet. Most patients will say what they have to say in 15 to 30 seconds and this is more than enough footage to do the job.
  3. Record on location. Record your patient testimonials in your office where patients have their treatments or consultation. That way if feels ‘real’ and ‘not scripted’ and ‘fake’.
  4. Use the right tags.
    When you upload your video tag the video appropriately so that Google knows what the video is about and can index the video properly to show up in searches.
  5. Share! Videos are an incredibly powerful resource because they can be used almost anywhere. So use and share them accordingly!

For help with testimonial videos for your aesthetic clinic contact Handi Media – a production company who operate in the aesthetic sector so understand all your needs and what is needed to make a successful aesthetic clinic video.

Examples of successful testimonial videos we have created

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